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John Henny - Renowned Voice Teacher

Dear Singing Enthusiast,

I have dedicated my life to music and singing.

I have a particular passion for helping other voice teachers and have trained teachers from all over the world, in masterclasses and one-on-one sessions.

I am taking everything I have learned in 30 years of studying the human voice and putting it all into one place.

A place that every dedicated teacher (or singers who wish to learn the craft) can have access to, on their schedule, at their pace, and at a fraction of what it has traditionally cost previously.

If you study and master the Voice Teacher Bootcamp materials, work to implement the concepts, ask me questions, and take part in our exclusive member seminars, then you will be one of the best teachers in your area.....period!

I know this because my teacher students are now some of the most successful voice teachers in the world.

They are working with celebrites, coaching on singing competition TV shows, or just being the best teachers around.

I look forward to helping you become the best teacher you can be.

A New Way to Learn:

Until Now, The Only Way To Learn To Be A Contemporary Voice Teacher Was To Either Convince A Successful Teacher To Show You His Or Her Secrets, Or Join A Voice Teacher Training Organization.  Both VERY Expensive Options.

Now There Is Another Choice.

Here are two things I know:

FIRST: The world of teaching voice is full of opportunity.

Why? Because there are so few good teachers. So many people go into teaching without having a teaching system and proper training.

They may be good singers themselves, but spend a short time in this business and you will realize that does not necessarily make one a good teacher.

SECOND: It's incredibly expensive and time consuming to get trained.

Some of the popular contemporary training groups charge many thousands of dollars in fees, dues and education requirements.

Very often you will have to travel thousands of miles for masterclasses and testing. While these can be great experiences, they are simply not realistic for everyone, financially or time-wise.

Enter Voice Teacher Bootcamp


I have spent the last year working out the best way to train dedicated singers and teachers, while making it realistically affordable.

I worked out how to systematically transfer these trainings to video and audio lessons, brought in great guest teachers, and put it all together in an easy-to-use website.

Everything you need to become a skilled teacher is here, and you don't have to spend thousands of dollars a year or more in dues, training, and travel.

You simply cannot get this level of information and training online anywhere. Plus, new content is added monthly, making sure that Voice Teacher Bootcamp is current and ever-growing.

Here's What You Get With Your Membership...

  • Lessons for any level of teacher. From never having taught to advanced concepts and vocal science.
  • In-depth lessons in all areas of teaching
  • Acoustics and vocal science
  • How to instantly analyze voices
  • Quickly fix vocal issues
  • How to build your teaching business
  • Teaching vocal style and riffs
  • Complete course in how to play piano for teaching
  • Setting up the perfect teaching studio
  • Working with advanced singers
  • Artist development for your students
  • Audio downloads of each lesson to put on your smartphone, tablet or computer. Learn on the go
  • Webinars for members only
  • Ability to submit lessons and questions for me to review and analyze (this alone is worth more than the monthly cost)

Study at Your Own Time and Pace, 24 Hours a Day....

You will gain access to all the lessons immediately, no waiting for certain courses to be unlocked.

Many online courses "drip" their content. meaning you might have to wait weeks or months to see more advanced lessons.

With Voice Teacher Bootcamp you will have access to over 100 lessons immediately. You can go through the course at your pace and work level.

If you think that might be overwhelming, don't worry, John has created a step-by-step course for newer teachers (and those who want to brush up in their fundamentals).  Simply go to the beginning lessons and go through the lessons in order.

Every vocal topic you can think of (and some you probably haven't) is covered in our courses.  Simply login, pick your area of study and start learning.


If you like to learn "on the go," you can do that too!  Voice Teacher Bootcamp is engineered to be completely mobile responsive, so you can study on your smart phone or tablet.

You can also download the audio and lecture slides for each lesson so you can study in the car, or when you are without an internet connection.

Voice Teacher Bootcamp is your 24 hour resource for all of your teaching questions and needs.

Real Success From Real Teachers...

See what people are saying about Voice Teacher Bootcamp

Your Bootcamp is fabulous.  I am refreshing my memory soooooo much, and learning a bunch of new things too.  I actually think you are giving away too much information!

Kathleen Kernohan - The Singing Place, Los Angeles
Kathleen Kernohan - The Singing Place, Los Angeles

I am no longer intimated by any voice student that walks through my door.  This was not true before Voice Teacher Bootcamp.

Paul Tauterouff - New York
Paul Tauterouff - New York

I've been teaching for over 30 years and have never seen this much information in one place.  You could go from never having taught a lesson to being a top level teacher with just this course.

Michael Goodrich - Celebrity Voice Coach, The Inner Singer Podcast
Michael Goodrich - Celebrity Voice Coach, The Inner Singer Podcast